Wednesday, 4 May 2011

should i take it or leave it ?

T A H N I A H !

Anda Ditawarkan Untuk Mengikuti Pengajian Ke Tingkatan 6 Bawah
Berikut Adalah Maklumat Tawaran

No. Kad Pengenalan
Angka Giliran
Sekolah Asal
Sekolah Ditawarkan
Tarikh Mendaftar
9 Mei 2011

okayy ! dah tau kan ? HAHA ,. nak masok ke ta nak r ? ke nak keje je smpai bulan 7 .? haha , so , what am i supposed to do now ?emm .
nk ajak kawan kawan nyemak kt skola jap pon bole kot , HAHA. 

*grr ! tade idea lagi , emm . nanti sy update lagi la ye , byebye ..

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Labour Day ..

duh ! tired ! tired ! tired ! thats the only words that i want to say if work on public holiday . ouh ! however , i really enjoy . our sales increases a lot . wee ~ like like like :)
many of the customers really like to order the crispy chicken and cheese for savoury crispy , paratha pizza beef for savoury paratha , crispy crunchy peanut for sweet crispy , paratha banana chocolate for sweet paratha , and for chapatti , customers like to order the chapatti chicken rendang  . here's some photos of the food that the customers ups their thumb :)

. crispy chicken and cheese .

. paratha pizza beef .

. crispy crunchy peanut .

. paratha banana chocolate .

. chapatti chicken rendang .

okayy , for me , i just like the paratha pizza beef . its really tasty .yummy yummy . *thumbs up HAHA

er , dun forget to taste it too yup. if you are in JB , just go to plaza angsana and meet me and i will make it fr you. haha . *sempat promote .

Saturday, 30 April 2011

someone's need ..

ouhh ! i wish could have one  :(

i felt in love with it in the first sight , err =='

its too expensive for me to buy . ouhh ! cepatlaa harga turun . so i can have one :)


okayy .in this entry , i just want to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to KOH JIA YING , my smartest friend in the band .hihi  suda besa la dia ,. btw , i hope you will always success in your life sayang . we always doing things together , until form 4 , we go separated class. but , we still together in the band . that is a special things if join the band . hee . really miss the sweet moment together <3

okayy laa .only that i want to share in this entry . 

there some memories photos of jiaying and us :)

here's some photos of ur present .
*haha .sorry . just photos only jy .
nak beli tak mampu .HAHA

*Sony VAIO notebook 

*apple iphone 4 

hee . okay laa .see ya nxt time :)

introductions by a new comer :)

hehey ! i'm new in blog-ing things .btw , i would like to introduce myself in my first entry . my name is nur farhanna binti hussen . just call me ana , hanna , farhanna , or also u can call me flubby <3 . i dun noe why i really like dat flubby name . haha , i think the name was cute maybe .wee .i live in johor , malaysia . i was birth in johor too . so johor is my hometown . i'm not a good writer btw ,just a little bit can laa .haha .i just interested when reading my frens blog , what their stories that they want to share ,. its funny sometimes .hee .i would like to share mine too . but , for now , i'm a bit busy with work .ouhh ! really tired already . everyday doing the same thing .i'm working at HOT & ROLL , have you heard that restaurant ? its a fast food restaurant same as mcd ,kfc or somthing else , but i dont think its a fast food restaurant . because , when you want to buy it , u must wait until the wrapper cook .er , it takes times fr the customers to wait .haha .sometimes , i enjoy working with my friends around there .they all really funny ,interesting ,understanding .HAHA .i really miss the school-ing time . ouh ! if i can return to school back . haihh ! okayy laa . i think , its enough for this entry okayy . nice to meet you all . ^^

hope you all enjoy reading it :)